October 16, 2004

Ranting on commercials

I watch a lot of TV. Far too much, I'm sure. Probably at least 4-5 hours a day, minimum. Hey, gimme a break - it's not like I'm shooting up heroin. Although the cable bills are just as expensive.

All this is to say that you'll hear me talk about TV often, so get used to it. But tonight I'm actually not going to talk about TV shows - I want to complain about commercials.

Frequently I will be sitting in front of the boob tube, bitching about the stupidity of a commercial, and the SNU will say - "You should write about it in a blog." OK, fine.

Let me start with the one on the TV right now. It's for Burger King. What is up with the guy in the king costume being in bed with a hapless sleep-deprived fellow? That is just creepy. It sure as hell doesn't make me want to buy a fucking Croissanwich.

Next up is a commercial for Jif. I hate to rag on them, as it's my favorite peanut butter. (A major source of contention in our house, where the SNU is a die-hard Skippy man.) Anywho, you know the commercial where the girls are having the sleepover? What is with that whiny child? Why are you on the damn sleepover if you don't want to do anything? And who the hell is Princess Moonfire?

I don't know if this is regional, but I'm so glad that summer is over so I don't have to watch those horrible commercials for Six Flags. The music is annoying, and the old bad dancer man just pisses me off. Besides, at Six Flags America they had 2 major accidents in the past year. Their new motto - "Come to Six Flags America - hundreds of patrons didn't die this year!"

Anything by Old Navy. 'Nuff said.


TsuKata said...

Check out the article about the Burger King re-branding on Slate...the ad explainer did a good job of...well, his job I guess. :)

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