October 28, 2004

Asshole Maneuver

So tonight the SNU and took in Lost. Seriously, are you watching this show? Because you need to be. It’s awesome. This week’s show focused on my favorite character, Sun. She’s the mysterious Korean woman who is keeping several secrets including the fact that she…DUM DUM DUM…speaks English! I’m sure it doesn’t sound shocking, but believe me, on the show it was a big deal.

On the flip side, let me take a moment to bitch about the newest reality show on NBC. It’s called The Biggest Loser, which is actually not about finding the dorkiest person on Earth. The point of the show is that 12 seriously overweight people (in the 250 – 400 lb. range) eat right and exercise in an effort to lose the most weight each week. The team that loses less has to eliminate a teammate (because Survivor has completely influenced all reality TV, for better or worse).

So the first week all people on the show lost quite a bit (water weight). But the second week they lost little if anything (apparently a “plateau” phenomenon). The losing team was faced with a decision between voting out their smallest person (Lizzeth), or the really big guy who lost no weight (Dave), and also happens to be a bit of a jerkwad (he would also quit working out from time to time).

The voting was pretty clear – Lizzeth and another woman were voting for Dave, all 3 men were voting for Lizzeth, and the third woman was the swing vote. Despite this, during the elimination ceremony, one of the guys (Ryan) decides to perform what I call the Asshole Maneuver of the Year. He starts out by saying that he was going to vote based on who weighed the least (i.e. for Lizzeth), but that what the women had to say really moved him, and so he has decided to vote for…(Lizzeth is crying and hopeful)…Lizzeth. What the fuck? He seriously did this just because he thought it would be funny.

Now, don’t get me wrong – humor is important in reality TV. But the nature of this show is that it’s a tough, emotional experience. You’re dealing with people who have had serious weight issues for years, and so everything is personal. With such fragile egos, jerking around someone (who just happens to be the most emotional on the team) is just uncalled for. Yes, it was the Asshole Maneuver of the Year. It was all the more shocking because Ryan appeared to be a really nice guy up ‘till that point.

I have to tell you, the whole thing made me so mad, I’m reluctant to even watch the show again. But there’s something oddly compelling about it. So perhaps I’ll keep tuning in, openly hoping that Ryan gets kicked out ASAP.

Lastly, I must of course bring up a bad commercial. This week’s offender is from K-Mart. It’s advertising their sale on Hallowe’en costumes for kids. Problem #1 – what’s up with a sale on costumes before the holiday? They say that like they have them in stock year-round. Please! Problem #2 – there is a ridiculous child dancing ridiculously in a ridiculous Shrek costume. He’s gonna see that tape in 20 years and go right into therapy. And Problem #3 – there is no need to resurrect the song “Who Can It Be Now” (by Men At Work) for any reason other than 80’s flashback show.

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