October 30, 2004

The ebb and flow of reality TV

Last night I watched “the usual” shows – Survivor and The Apprentice. Surprisingly, Survivor actually had an episode that was up to par with previous seasons when the show was watchable. It still wasn’t very good, but…it gave me a glimmer of hope. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for the obligatory “letters from home” episode. The oldest woman, Scout, is a lesbian, and talked about her partner. So cute! But it won’t change the fact that this show has jumped the shark. It happened right about the time that America “gave” Rupert a million dollars…just because they liked him. UGH.

Conversely, The Apprentice was just not that great. Frankly, I think this show is tanking real fast. I fault the casting – there are just too many strong personalities that are basically detestable people. By the way, I think former military man Kelly is a wee bit gay.

I was surprised to find that the most fun I had watching TV last night was late night – on the Game Show Network! Yes, it’s a total guilty pleasure – I freely admit it. I love Extreme Dodgeball! This is hilarious, because – it’s a sport. But I truly get into it. I’m always pulling for the CPAs, and a couple guys on the other teams are hot. But my new fave team was MAD, which features some really good female players. (I’m a complete feminist when it comes to athletics.)

On a side note, as I was flipping channels I came across Lifetime’s “Women Who Rock” concert. It was so lame. First of all, the performers would come out and only sing tiny little snippets of songs. Then I see Debbie Harry – RAPPING. The hell? And then out comes En Vogue. Don’t get me wrong – I love them. But they aren’t aging very well, and the shortest woman (Maxine) looks like she gained 100 pounds, right after getting her hair dyed by a dog groomer. Someone call What Not to Wear – she needs help!

Commercial complaint of the day – I can’t stand those damn Perdue chicken commercials. Their spokesman is possibly the King of Geekdom. Please take this idiot off my TV!


Anonymous said...

Darn I was going to watch the "Woman Rock" thing on Lifetime because I absolutely love En Vogue. But I totally forgot about it. I follow En Vogue's career so I wanted to weigh in on that piece. FYI...actually Maxine (who does look a lot heavier, I think it's mostly her boobs) was replacing the pregnant Cindy, who is off having her 4th child. There's a new girl Rhona, which was Max/Dawn's replacement, and she's actually 27, believe it or not. It doesn't look like I missed much, though, if it was just song snippets.


TsuKata said...

Apprentice tanked to me when Stacie and Pamela were fired. Both of them seemed like stunt firings.

Survivor just bites this season. I care not who wins. I watch for Peachy.

I love the Purdue chicken guy though. :)