October 19, 2004

Monday musings

First I'd like to thank my friend Tsukata (who has her own blog), who was pointed out this interesting article on the BK ad I mentioned earlier. I still think it's strange, but at least now I know where it came from.

So the ad that I will bitch about today is the AT&T commercial where the African-American family sits down to breakfast. First we find out that the eldest son was late coming home the previous night, and didn't call. Do his parents punish him? No - they REWARD HIM WITH A NEW CELL PHONE! What kind of crappy negative reinforcement parenting is that? Then we see that the younger son is in disbelief. Yeah, you and me both, kid.

In other news, the SNU and I received our first gifts from our registry via UPS. Let me tell you - nothing excites 2 gay men more than receiving boxes full of place settings. Our new dishware is from Target (pronounced: TAR-zhay), in a lovely "denim blue" pattern. It's awesome. Christmas came early this year!

Also, I'd like to rant about these annoying pop-ups that are plaguing me. I never had this problem before (my Juno blocker would catch most of them). I even downloaded the Google toolbar for extra pop-up blocking. But nothing works! And it's weird - they don't seem to be related to any of the sites I'm on, they just pop up randomly. They all start with an address of "xadsq" or "xlime" - if anyone knows how to stop them, I'm in your debt. I'm emailing Juno in the hopes that they can help. (Possible problem - this all started after I installed the Microsoft Service Pack 2 - coincidence?)


Anonymous said...

You might have spyware. Try downloading xcleaner, SpywareBlaster, Spybot, HijackThis or some other spyware busting software. They're all available free online.

I was having some weird problems with erroneous popups from TWoP and my computer was really really slow, and after I used all those programs above I found multitudes of spyware on my computer. Bleh! :)

- Ness

TsuKata said...

I second Ness' comment. To add a program to the list: ad-aware. Get it, run it, update it, love it.

I've heard your complaint from several people. I wouldn't be surprised if SP2 somehow re-activated dormant spies or something. Still, it's probably not SP2 that is causing them directly, so running the ad removal software is a good idea. Some of those adbots can introduce dangerous scripts into your system.