September 24, 2008


If you recall in my earlier post, I decided I would give Heroes one last chance to redeem itself. After the vastly disappointing second season, the writers had a lot of making up to do. So last night the show returned with a 2-hour premiere. And just how was it?


I did see some sparks of life that reminded me of the show that once was. Claire vs. Sylar in her own home. The potential twist that Ando becomes a supervillain in the future. And Mama Petrelli's startling cliffhanger statement:

Sylar: You're not my mother!
Mama P: Oh but darling...I am.

I swear, if the show was just about her, I'd still be watching. Cristine Rose - fabulous actress.

But that really just wasn't enough to keep me looped in. There was still so much season 2 mess to clean up that I got bored quickly. Future Peter? Go back, please. Mohinder is with Maya - wait, why is she still on this show? Oh, and he suddenly loses all of his rationale and injects himself with an experimental substance. Sylar kills everyone, and Kristen Bell's character is still lame. That little revelation about Ando? Hiro casually mentions it to him, using up any potential plot tension.

I give up. I've got better things to do with my Monday nights, anyway. Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother - will they or won't they? THAT is an interesting plot point.


Stef said...

I HATED it. HATED it so much.

But... I also kinda LOVED talking on one of my favorite tv blogs with about 50 other like-minded tv addicts about how much I hated it.

So, there's still a chance I might watch, if just to have that cathartic purging experience every week. But I won't like it. Mostly.

DC Food Blog said...

Me too! I mean how many times can Sylar stalk people? It's so fricking boring. And what is the site for the Heroes hate? I want to join?

Stef said...

It's actually my favorite tv blog, run by a NJ tv critic - - he posts on a lot of shows, but he and most of his readers are particularly tired of "Heroes." And, bonus, they all love "Mad Men" !

(Okay, sorry J-Lo for hijacking your comments.)