September 18, 2008

Short DVD Reviews - Part 8

My word, it's been a long time since I've posted these, so let's get to it. As always, I promise you reviews of our latest Netflix rentals in 25 words or less!

Into the Wild - A startling portrait of a man trying to be one with nature. Heartbreaking and stunning.

Scoop - Hugh Jackman is hot. Woody Allen is not. A positive plus a negative equals a zero.

Gigi - This was a fun and frothy classic musical. The plot is trite, but the music is memorable.

Where the Truth Lies - An odd Hollywood mystery which involves Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth and sex. The intrigue chugs along, but the ending doesn't satisfy.

Easter Parade - Another classic musical, this time with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. The plot and songs were just OK, but it's always fun to watch Judy.

Orlando - Strange gender-bending tale in two time periods starring Tilda Swinton. It's so out there, it ends up going nowhere.

Oscar and Lucinda - Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett in a quirky Australian love story. Once again, it pulled me along but the ending fell flat.

Munich - Oscar-nominated? I didn't get the appeal. Eric Bana saves it from being completely dull.

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green - Yet another gay male film that is just trite and barely satisfactory.

Pride and Prejudice - This version with Keira Knightley was so heavily edited I was struck dumb at the abrupt ending. Please see the BBC miniseries instead!

In the Valley of Elah - Tommy Lee Jones unravels the mystery of his military son's death. His performance is strong, but the "mystery" was poorly crafted.

A Little Night Music - An early Sondheim musical that's fun to see simply for Diana Rigg. But the plot itself meanders and can't match the good music.

Infamous - Another amazing biography of Truman Capote and his work on In Cold Blood. Don't compare this to Capote; completely different in its own beautiful way.

Blade Runner - Although I'm sure it was ground-breaking for its time, I wasn't blown away and hated those Harrison Ford voice-overs.

The Interpreter - Nicole Kidman and the views of the United Nations are striking. The complex mystery drives the plot well, but I wanted it to go further.

Meet the Spartans - Stupid and sophomoric parody of 300? Yes. But is it funny? Yes.

I Could Never Be Your Woman - An absolutely satisfying tale of Michelle Pfeiffer's mid-life crisis. Adorable film, and adorable Paul Rudd. Best part is Saiorse Ronan as the singing daughter!

The Advocate - Truly bizarre French period drama about putting animals on trial for witchcraft. Seriously. Colin Firth? Not naked.

The Savages - Siblings who hate themselves and kind of hate each other deal with dad's Alzheimer's. Depressing, and that's about it. A disappointment.

21 - This probably makes a better book. Finding out how 5 collegiates broke the Vegas bank is fun, but the plot beyond that is pure formula.

In Bruges - A strangely engrossing tale of lowlifes in picturesque Belgium. May be too violent for some.

Persepolis - This animated tale of a youngster's life growing up in Iran has a lot to teach those of us who grew up in the West.

Baby Mama - The plot is formulaic, but you can't deny that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are darn funny.

The Bank Job
- A clever heist film that is really about a web of lies and dirty dealing in 1970's London. Great fun and Jason Statham is hot.


ScottE. said...

It has been awhile.

My favs were Into The Wild, Infamous, I Could Never Be Your Woman and In Bruges.

Outside of these, I've rented the first two seasons of Eureka, a silly, light, X-files by way of Northern Exposure type of show from the Sci-Fi Network. It isn't great TV, but I'm hooked and enjoy seeing how our bumbling sheriff gets along in a town of geniuses and scientific misfits.

Stef said...

Oooh, a lot in this one!

Into the Wild - loved, beautiful.

Scoop - liked, but i'm a Woody fan. Not as good as Match Point, by far, but enjoyable enough.

Where the Truth Lies - in my queue cuz I'm hoping it's hot. Is it a waste of a rental?

Munich - first Spielberg I'd enjoyed in a long time. Eric Bana is great.

Pride and Prejudice - beautiful, made me cry. I rewound and watched the moment with Elizabeth and Darcy in the field over and over again.

In the Valley of Elah - slow and slightly disappointing, like most of the "political" films of late.

Infamous - guess I'll add that to my queue!

The Intepreter - was pretty good, I love Sean Penn. But I was distracted the whole time by how dangerously thin Nic looked.

I Could Never Be Your Woman - I was disappointed, hated the "cutesy" Tracey Ullmann stuff. Rudd was the only thing that saved it for me.

The Savages - I liked it a lot, but I enjoy the talky family dysfunction genre.

21 - slick, overdone, underwritten. Pretty young people, though.

In Bruges - saw it in the theater and LOVED LOVED LOVED. Need to buy the DVD.

Persepolis, Baby Mama, Bank Job - all in or soon to be added to my queue.

Thanks for good suggestions!

joyous said...

Oscar and Lucinda is one of my favorite movies. The end kills me everytime. I know what's going to happen, and it still makes me so sad.