September 01, 2008

The eyes are the nipples of the face

The House Bunny

This new movie is a real dichotomy.

On the one hand, it's a formulaic comedy that you've seen several times before. It's Troop Beverly Hills mixed with dashes of She's All That and Clueless. About 15 minutes in you know exactly how it's going to turn out and could probably write the plot outline yourself.

But on the flip side, it's full of such hilarious lines and antics by Anna Faris that you lose yourself in the fun! She's proving to be one of the funniest women in Hollywood and deserves a great big career built around her. All those great zingers wouldn't be half as funny if someone else was in this movie. Viva la Faris!

Emma Stone is also very funny in this, giving even more than she had to work with in Superbad. She's assisted by the second generation of Hollywood - Bruce Willis' daughter (the lovely Rumer Willis) and Tom Hank's son (the nerdy cute Colin Hanks).

So go out and have a good time with this one! You won't be disappointed if you throw caution to the wind. I give this movie a solid B.


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