September 08, 2008

Fall TV Preview

Although the CW got a bit of a jump on the other networks, the fall TV season starts in earnest around the end of the month through early October. So that means it's the time of year for me to look at my weekly viewing plan for new and returning shows. Here's how things look to be shaping up for me after checking out Entertainment Weekly's preview issue.


This is an easy day to figure out - keep watching animation on Fox. That means The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, and King of the Hill. That means watching The Amazing Race on tape delay at 10, or maybe the other way around depending on how good a season it is (MORE hippies? Not promising.). I also may try a taped viewing of CW's Valentine, where a family of Greek gods live in Los Angeles. I'm a sucker for anything with mythological characters, so it deserves at least one look.


As much as I tried to resist it, The Big Bang Theory really picked up steam with Penny facing off against Sheldon, so I'll keep watching. How I Met Your Mother should really start off strong - imagine all the laughs to be milked from Robin and Barney doing it! HIMYM is definitely the show I'm most looking forward to having back in my life. Although it really tanked last season, I have heard so much talk about a Heroes revitalization that I'm going to give it at least a temporary reprieve. As for CBS's new comedy Worst Week, I think I'll let the jury (i.e. critics and viewers) give it a try first and let me know.


With nothing at all on my plate for this day, I am going to try the premiere of Fringe. It's the newest drama from J.J. Abrams, which means my chances of liking it are automatically better than even. It may be too creepy/scary for my tastes, but we'll see. Beyond that, I'm holding out for the return of Reaper mid-season.


Project Runway is drawing to a close, and America's Next Top Model is just starting up. On top of those, we'll be taping Pushing Daisies, which is a show I'm sad dropped off our schedule last year. ScottE may yet convince me to start watching Dirty Sexy Money. And perhaps in reruns I'll watch some of The New Adventures of Old Christine, which is usually fun, and has a "marriage of convenience" subplot happening this year.


NBC's comedies are generally something I'll watch, but catch in reruns if I miss them - The Office especially. Kath & Kim is one that I'll be trying out, because I love Molly Shannon. I also love Niecy Nash, so at least one episode of Do Not Disturb will be on my schedule. I really, really don't want to get back on the Survivor bandwagon (I stopped watching after the first All-Star season), but they are trying to lure me back with the siren song of another season in Africa! Convince me to stay away, people!


This is never a good night for TV, so I applaud ABC's decision to move Supernanny here. It's just the right show for that slot, because I don't care if I watch it several days late. Fridays are also a good day to catch up on other shows that we've taped (like those from my super-packed Wednesdays).


If we're home? It's Netflix night.

So that's the plan for me. What will you be watching? What are you most looking forward to? And where on this schedule do you think I've missed the boat?

On a side note, I know I haven't mentioned Lost, which we know won't be back until mid-season at the earliest, as will Battlestar Galactica. They're going to be my "clear everything from my schedule" shows when they do return!

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Charles said...

Boston Legal I still think is the best written show on TV. I love Pushing Daisies as well and really got hooked on Eli Stone. I will watch Desperate Housewives even though each season has gone through its up and downs, it is a funny little night time soap. I loved the first season of Ugly Betty but last season was often weak, so I am torn on that.
My real goal is to stop watching so much freaking television and get a life. Though I will be watching Torchwood and Dr. Who on DVD.