September 01, 2008

Measuring up this season of Project Runway

With all of the Olympic excitement that's dominated my late summer, I've neglected to do any blogging for Project Runway! And although it may lack some of the big personality of last season, it's nonetheless exciting. Here's a quick rundown of some of my thoughts on the first seven episodes.

Episode 1

It's all about Austin Scarlett! OK, not really, but he's still fabulous. Anywho, this was a rehash of the very first challenge ever on the show. This time my favorite was Daniel's innovative blue plastic cup dress, but kudos to Korto for actually using food.

Episode 2

Having the models do the shopping for this one was a stroke of brilliance. Although I can't stand his (inconsistent) use of the 3rd person singular, Suede definitely impressed with his complex woven gown.

Episode 3

Repeating the photo inspiration challenge is fine by me. The judges were right on to get rid of Emily for her crazy frilly hot mess of a dress. As for a winner, there were a lot of garments that could be in the "love it or hate it" category. Like Kelli's, Stella's, or Terri's designs. I would have gone for one of those, but not Kenley. On a side note - I frakkin' love Stella! She is the leather fashion version of Penny Marshall, and I want her around just for the laughter she brings.

Episode 4

What a great lead-in to the Olympics! The clear winner for me here was Korto. Her outfit was hot, great sportswear, and was believable as something to see in the opening ceremony.

Episode 5

Team challenges are always a bit dicey, because I hate the whole "pit partner against partner" vibe at judging time. That being said, it should have been the perfect time to eliminate Daniel, who had outlived his usefulness. And I also disagree with the judges on a winner - I really thought Jerell and Stella knocked it out of the park.

Episode 6

I love, love, loved this episode! It was the most fun we've seen on the show in a very long time. This reminded me of the coutoure challenge from season 4, where the designers were really asked to do something huge and over the top. And it was a lot of fun because most of the designers were having so much fun with it as well! Although I applaud Joe for his well-chosen outfit, I do think that Terri was robbed on this one. Side note - can we please have RuPaul as a judge every week?

Episode 7

Product placement aside, the Saturn challenge was a real chance to see some innovation from the designers. The top 3 were definitely the best - so my hat is tipped to Jerell's futuristic dress and Korto's fabulous coat. That being said, the deserved winner was Leanne for her giving us an intriguing silhouette in a dress that certainly doesn't appear to be recycled materials. Side note - can we please get rid of Tanerexia (a.k.a. Blayne)? He is, as Leanne so eloquently put it, "barflicious."

And now you're all caught up! As we enter the latter half of the competition, here is how I think things should go to end the series on a high note.

Episode 8

We already know that the challenge is going to involve the uber-fabulous Diane von Furstenburg. I'm thinking this will give a slight edge to the designers that don't shy away from patterns - Kenley and Korto. Blayne should be the next to go. He's been wildly inconsistent, and has yet to deliver a top-notch outfit. Let him go home with his bug eyes and tan himself until he becomes the poster child for melanoma.

Episode 9

At this point we will probably have another team challenge. I'm picturing a disastrous pairing of Kenley and Suede, in which they both cry on the runway (him from some other dead relative, her because she just cries a lot). He will stand by his position as team leader and be eliminated for it.

Episode 10

Kenley will finally get on everyone's nerves enough that they sew her into a straitjacket. Unable to complete her garment, she is out. Tim pretends to care.

Episode 11

A high-fashion challenge with guest judge Donatella Versace really forces the designers to go for broke, but Joe plays it safe with some lame sportswear and is sent packing. He will think it's simply because he's a straight guy. No one really misses him when he's gone, because they realize he's really never designed anything exceptional for a biological woman.

Episode 12

After hoping for the first all-leather challenge in Project Runway history, Stella is dismayed to find that they are instead designing tutus for the New York City Ballet's newest production of Giselle. Stella tries to make a slyph-like design in studded leather, but it causes her model to collapse from heat exhaustion, and Stella shrugs as she's eliminated.

Episode 13

It's really stressful leading up to the final 3, and the designers are challenged to take their inspiration after a guided tour of the Bronx Botanical Garden. Jerell repeats his wide collar from the drag queen challenge in red, taking his cue from an amaryllis. The judges hate to see the same thing again, and after a marathon deliberation, decide to give us the first ever all-female finale!

Episodes 14 & 15

Tim goes to visit our finalists in their hometowns of Little Rock, Portland and Chicago. Terri is already done with all but 2 of her outfits, while Korto has a lot to do and should "make it work." Leanne's family decides to adopt Tim as the family pet.

Back in NYC, the designers are thrown for a loop as they are told that they have to create a final look...for their mothers! They are very stressed, but receive assists from Jerell, Joe and Stella, who help Leanne, Terri and Korto respectively. The guest judge is revealed to be contemporary fashion icon Cate Blanchett. I self-combust.

In the final runway shows, Leanne goes first and presents some unusual shapes and silhouettes that are the mark of a high-fashion show, but her overall collection is disjointed and confuses the judges. After dealing with the drama of a model showing up 5 pounds overwieght, Terri's collection goes off without a hitch. Her designs push the envelope of design for the modern urban woman, and is judged to be both marketable and wearable. Korto presents last, and her collection is full of volume and African influences.

At the final judging, Leanne is told that she did well, but is out. She is, however, elated to hear that Cate will be talking to her about a red carpet dress in the future. And in a 3-1 decision, Korto is crowned the winner of Project Runway. She is happy, but takes it in stride as usual, barely showing enough enthusiasm to be believable. Terri is pissed and makes a bitchface.

So there you go - the whole season wrapped up in a neat package! Any questions?


joyous said...

I would love if that's the way it ended. Especially the sewing of Kenley into a straight jacket.

The Kara said...

YES! 'cept there's a bigger story of Terri in there some where. I can't wait for the time when we get her backstory (she is ROUGH). Loved Jerrel's comment on her: that bitch has 2 faces and 4 patterns, mmmm'kay?

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Project Runway is such an entertaining show. I really enjoyed your episode summaries.

Elliott Broidy said...

Love this show

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