May 15, 2008

Top Model Has A Winner!

OK, if you haven't seen the finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 and don't want to be spoiled, stop reading.

You have? Well good for you. So let's say it out loud.

We have a winner, and the winner is Whitney! Big girls don't cry, they rule the runway!!!

I admit I predicted that Anya would go first, but was surprised to see her get the edge. She botched her commercial as I expected, but I think Fatima's lack of a compelling personality spelled her doom. Her glamour shot showed promise, but she has nothing to fear. She's certain to be either adopted by Iman or hired as Iman's minature stunt double.

As we approached the runway show, I was quite surprised to hear that Tyra scored some Versace. I'm not sure if Donatella was just offering a preview for a select audience or what, but it certainly is a coup for the show.

Anywho, the runway show wasn't that thrilling, but damn if Whitney didn't stomp it out! Girl was FIERCE and I was so proud. She looked very mature - I had thoughts of Heidi Klum going through my head. It helps that Versace is a style that works quite nicely on a curvaceous body.

Anya? She has nothing to worry about. As Tyra said, she has a high-fashion European look that someone will certainly scoop up for some print work. Which leaves Whitney to (hopefully) pave the way for real women in fashion everywhere!

So what about the future of the show? Rumors abound that Tyra is on her way out, and I have to say I can see it coming. She seems so disconnected with the show now and doesn't really do much above and beyond being a judge. Remember back when she did one-on-one chats with the girls? Or visited them at the house to talk about some big modeling issue? The next question becomes - who would replace her? It takes a force of personality, and I'm not sure Paulina quite has it yet.

Wouldn't it be lovely if Tricia Helfer defected from Canada's Next Top Model to host here? Talk about kickin' ass on the runway...

Also you may have wondered why I stopped recapping the show this season. Quite frankly, it got pretty dull. I was able to predict the series of events for several weeks in a row (Kat will be eliminated for not showing enough personality...check). Some of the photo shoots got dull, and that first Cover Girl commercial was L-A-M-E.

Here's hoping the next time around the casting is strong, the shoots are interesting, and the hostess gets into it as well!


Check out these great photo shoot pictures of Whitney and Tyra. Hott!


ScottE. said...

I am so happy for Whitney. Yippee!!!!

joyous said...

That girl is so hot. The photo with Tyra could have been WAY better.