May 20, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Jump!

It's been awhile since I've done a post on BSG's new season, but last night's episode most definitely deserves a mention! And for those of you that are like, "Ugh, not another Battlestar post. What is it with that show?" Consider this another friendly reminder that you are MISSING AN INCREDIBLE SHOW.


Anywho, this week we were faced with all sorts of intriguing dilemmas:

1. Tigh knows not to fire on the basestar, but how can he explain this gut (i.e. CYLON) instinct?

2. Roslin must decide whom to trust - her conflicted military advisers? Her whore of a chief of staff? Her former friend and confidant, Lee? Or a group of rebel Cylons?

3. Kara can't get the fateful words of the Hybrid out of her head - for whom is she the harbinger of death?

4. Athena is having those dreams again, and now it's coming all to real. Why is Hera having her own visions of Six? And is blowing Natalie to shreds really the best way to solve the problem?

Best line of the episode was totally from Roslin - "I don't really care if you have to spend the night on your knees praying or just on your knees...I WANT A NAME." Awesome. When she talks like that I would soooooo vote for her.

In other news, Gaeta must be gay, because only gay men would sing sad ballads (probably from female singer/songwriters) to overcome the loss of a limb.

At the end, it was both thrilling and terrifying to hear the Hybrid utter that one fateful word...


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ScottE. said...

Gaeta was getting a little annoying with this one. But otherwise, one of the better epis this season so far...and that sooo was not what I expected to happen when the hybrid was plugged back in...AWESOME.