April 11, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - The Premiere

BSG is finally back! It was a real short wait at our house after the marathon, but I know you diehards out there have been waiting for well over a year. Was it worth it? I think it was.

In a wise move, the writers picked up immediately where we left off, with Starbuck's return and Apollo's mix of joy and confusion. As the episode progressed, I found several events worth discussing:

1. Starbuck entered a time warp? While everyone has been mourning her "death" for months, she says she was only gone for 6 hours. Oh, and her Viper didn't have a scratch on it. Is it any wonder everyone but Lee thinks she's a Cylon?

2. Anders and the eye scan! The most intriguing question of the week - was Anders able to call off an entire fleet of Cylon raiders with just a look and a breath? Or do the raiders recognize one of their own?

3. Starbuck to Anders: "If I found out you were a Cylon, I'd put a bullet between your eyes." Um, awkward?

4. The great Earth debate - who has better directions? President Roslin maintains that they must head one direction and follow the scriptures, but Kara's wild headaches indicate it's the other way. Too bad there isn't a convenient Texaco station in the Lion's Head Nebula.

5. Baltar is the new prophet for monotheists. Gaius must be loving the Cylon's god - he not only heals apple-cheeked youth, but he provides slutty women and women that kick ass. Of course, the controversy amongst the fans - what's with the dudes? I'm thinking the Cylon god is into free love and bisexuality (remember Gina during Razor?).

I can hardly wait for the next episode! It will be particularly interesting to find out what's happening with the Cylon fleet, and if the final five are any closer to being detected. Caprica Six says they're near by - is Roslin on the scent?

In other news, Joyous pointed out to me that Tricia Helfer (the gorgeous Number Six) was the host of Canada's Next Top Model. Could I love her any more if I tried? Check out this link for yourself!

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