November 25, 2007

TV Bon Bons

You always see posts about my regular weekly TV shows, from The Amazing Race on Sundays to The Office on Thursdays. But you know I'm watching all sorts of random shows on cable. What are my secret finds and guilty pleasures? Read on!

Made - The fact that I'm watching anything on MTV is surprising, but I secretly love this show. It's a show where a high schooler comes up with a lofty secret desire (like a goth girl that wants to be a beauty queen, or a class clown that wants to complete a triathlon). The kid is paired with a "Made coach" who guides them and often argues with them. Gives me hope for the slacker generation.

Food Network - As you can imagine, living with ScottE, we watch a lot of this channel. My favorites are Nigella (sensuous), Paula (butter), Giada (simple) and Alton (educational). But when Sandra Lee comes on the air, I have a need to change the channel before I go blind.

HGTV - Now that we've entered the realm of house-hunting, this channel has a new appeal. We love to hate the annoying home buyers on House Hunters, and feel the pain of Property Virgins.

Samantha Brown - The Travel Channel is a more recent addition to our cable line-up, and it's a welcome one. My favorite is Samantha's show, where she travels around Europe and other places, showing you bits of culture, shopping and the nicest of hotels. She's a bit goofy but endearing - like Rachael Ray before she became an ever-present annoyance.

Rick Steves - But my real travel guru for years has been Rick, whose books and TV shows have helped me make the most out of two trips to Europe. Fun and educational, he's the best resource for the budget traveler that wants to dive into real culture.

The Soup - I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but this comedic clip show is our life's blood. Thanks to Joel McHale and his crew (like Mankini and the cheerleader), we're saved from watching countless hours of bad television.

Favorite reruns - TiVo knows me very well, and tapes all my old favorites regularly - like Designing Women, The Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, Will & Grace, 227, Are You Being Served? and Friends.

So how about you? What are your secret non-network favorites?


Stef said...

Hmmm... fewer than you might think, cuz I don't have TiVo or digital cable and I've never really learned all the channels or schedules. CNN and the Food Network are my go-to channels when I just want something in the background. On Food - I love Paula and Alton, and I'll pretty much watch anything that comes on. I'm not as in favor of Ingrid or Michael Chiarello, but heck, I'll even watch their shows if I'm bored. Bravo is another go-to network, with Top Chef and reruns of the Actors Studio. Otherwise? I like those Hauntings shows on the Travel Channel, and I still like Trading Spaces, Property Ladder, and Movin' Up on TLC. I really should explore what else is on all those other channels I have!

ScottE. said...

can't really get into made...but am really enjoying the Samatha Brown travel show and the home re-do programs.

And now it's time for CHAT STEW....sooo meaty!

DC Food Blog said...

Gotta ditto you on The Soup which is now my most reliable source of laughs on tv (sorry The Daily Show) as well as Samantha Brown. She's dorky in a way that does bug. My trash tv comes from BBC America's Sci Fi Saturday. First with Hex, the slutty(er) and skankier version of Charmed and Torchwood, the pansexual spinoff of Dr. Who.