November 02, 2007

Bea Arthur Forever!

ScottE alerted me to this great YouTube clip back from the days when NBC dominated comedy nearly every night of the week. And what's that they're singing? Oh, that would be from Dreamgirls!

But just when I thought I'd seen it all? A parody to end all parodies. Enjoy!


Stef said...

Those are both priceless!

Where did you find that SATC parody? And how in the world did they get those actresses to do it? Katherine Helmond was phenomenal!

The Kara said...

There are so many phenomenal things to note:

1. Thank God Bea Arthur kept her shoes on in both clips.
2. LOVE that Charlotte Rae makes an appearance in both clips as well.
3. RIP Nell Carter.
4. From now on she shall be called Punk "I Can't Carry a Tune so They Let Me Talk Instead" Brewster
5. Anything with Abe Vagoda is alright with me

dcfb (J) said...

I feel like I might be a better person after seeing these. I was totally expecting Mr. Big to be Lyle Waggoner. Oh Lyle.

I can't see Nell Carter without thinking about a terribly weird incident in which she tried to smother a few people I know in her cleavage

Bea Arthur is so great for going for it. They all were.

Thanks for making my day!