November 08, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Perhaps you hadn't heard, but Project Runway's season 4 begins in just a week! Could I BE any more excited? Well, I probably could. Like if I heard that Tim Gunn was going to sit on our couch and watch it with us.

But as that's none too likely, I thought a better way to celebrate would be to look back at what I think are my favorite challenge dresses from the past 3 seasons. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

10. Danny V's orchid-inspired dress, season 2

One of the most truly "high-fashion" outfits ever on the show, Daniel looked at a simple potted orchid in Michael Kors' office and got inspirted. The result was avant-garde and interesting.

9. Chloe's floral dress, season 2

Speaking of plants, Chloe took hundreds of small leaves to make a form-fitting dress with matching bathing cap that almost looks unreal. It's the pain-staking detail that I admire.

8. Austin's corn husk dress, season 1

But the best use of plant matter goes to Austin Scarlett, who took a silly grocery shopping challenge and managed to make a striking statement.

7. Jeffrey's yellow madras couture dress, season 3

OK, y'all know how much I can't stand the guy. But even I had to admit that he came up something bright and fresh in Paris. Although to be fair, it was his model that made the sale.

6. Uli's psychedelic print dress, season 3

She was the queen of patterned material, and she took it to a simple extreme with this peek-a-boo minidress.

5. Kara Saun's wedding dress, season 1

What Kara excelled at was modern elegance with an edge. This stunning low-cut dress with a medium-length train brought tears to her model's eyes, which was the thrust of the challenge.

4. Austin's swimsuit and dress, season 1

The challenge was tough - design a swimsuit that can transfer to eveningwear. Austin took this to an old Hollywood glamour place, bringing to mind Esther Williams in pastels of blue, purple and pink. Costume? Yes. Elegant? Yes.

3. Laura's sweater and suit, season 3

Inspired by Katherine Hepburn, Laura added some modern touches with a high waist and a loose necklace thrown over chic pants and a pink sweater. If only women still dressed like this!

2. Michael's hot pants, season 3

There's a fine line between fashion and hoochie. Michael nailed it on the fashion side with his Pam Grier-inspired outfit in hot pink. It showed enough skin to be sexy, but covered enough to be in good taste.

1. Nick's Barbie dress, season 2

For me, this was the one outfit that showed truly inspired thinking, going to a place I couldn't have even imagined. Taking a 70s stripe print and pairing it with a lime green top and head wrap, Nick created a look that's iconic. Love!

So that's my list - what do you think? What's missing? I'm sure y'all will remind me of something fabulous I forgot.

Tune in for the premiere - next week at 10 pm Eastern!


ScottE. said...

Yes...that Austin have my faves...the Barbie dress and the Orchid dress...

I would have added the Chrysler building dress from Season 1...I really liked that one...but it is much more costume-y than elegant/evening

Gunfighter said...

MY wife tortures me with this show... I watch with her because I love her... it's pretty funny at times.

I only mock because I am aware of my own fashion failings.