April 28, 2007

The Sunshine Of My Life

At last, we have a great flasback episode of Lost focusing on my darling, Sun! In my opinion, it was the best one for her so far. She kicked all kinds of ass in this one. Yelling in Juliet's face! Standing up to her father, the mobster! Putting a blackmailing hooker in her place!

And did I mention that she looked ridiculously hot the whole time? I think I have to put Yunjin Kim on my conversion list.

Although this was mostly all about Sun, let's also give some mad props to Jin for going all kung fu on the resurrected (?) Russian.

The downside is of course the news that my dear Sun is now marked for death, just like Charlie. If only Juliet could find a cure! But being that she is secretly working for EVIL, that looks unlikely.

Speaking of which, did Juliet imply that Kate might be pregnant also?

Oh, and there was that little tidbit at the end. Major conspiracy? Or did the producers lie to us, and this really is Purgatory Island? Hopefully we'll find out more next week, as Locke returns.

Side note - was it really Italian the pilot was speaking? Anyone know? My first guess was Portugese, the same language spoken by the guys at the station who were working for Penelope.


Stef said...

If you want to be really obsessive, you should check out the message boards on my favorite site. Or Lostpedia. Both sites have translations of everything Naomi was saying in the different languages. Apparently, when Patchy said she said "thank you," she was actually saying "I am not alone." Yowza!

The Kara said...

I like it. I like it a lot. I'm back 'into it'. TOTALLY. Only thing is that I'm having a little retention issue since the later time means I watch it directly before sleeping and it's harder for me to remember the next day. I'm going to be better about that though and will 'focus' this week. I want EVIL Juliette to reveal herself so I can see the look on Jack's face.

ScottE. said...

Ms. Kara...totally agree...I can't stay awake that late anymore. Last week I watched in the morning when I got up. It works, but I miss not watching with J-lo...but ABC is stupid and think it's best to have it on late.