February 19, 2007

Lost and back again

After that (if I can be honest) most disappointing season start for Lost, it's finally back. And the first two episodes have been decent.

First we learned that Juliet hasn't always been an Other. And her speciality is something to do with fertility treatments, including impregnating male mice. Curious, no? And she's basically a prisoner as well. And most importantly, we learned that she looks way better with straight hair.

But the really mind-twister was last week with Desmond's...flashpresent? Is he living his own version of Groundhog Day? Is he really a hero? And how do you just ditch a beautiful woman like Penelope?

Of course the big "Whoa!" came at the end, when we learned that Charlie has the Grim Reaper sniffing over his shoulder. But does the fact that he's escaped death so many times explain his miraculous survival from Ethan hanging him? And more importantly, what if Desmond is wrong? My guess is we'll be watching all season waiting for Charlie to kick the bucket, and instead it will be someone else first. (Please let it be Paulo and what's-her-butt!)

And the odd coincidence of the week - Fionnula Flanagan (the time-space continuum guide or whatever she was) was seen in a movie you might have heard of - The Others. As if that's not enough, that movie also featured one Christopher Eccleston - who's now on that other great show wrapped in mysteries - Heroes!

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Stef said...

I am more in love with LOST than ever. Yippeee!

Desmond is such an intriguing character. I really like the speculation that the entire series is going to end up being the story of Des and Pen, and I would love to see them reunited when the story's all told!

Charlie, however, can kick the bucket anytime. Ditto Claire, Nikki and Paolo! Especially if it means more screen time for old faves Sayid, Locke and Hurley.