February 17, 2007

I want my WB!

A moment of silence for Reba McEntire. Her TV show (Reba) is coming to an end this Sunday.

It's a shame that a show which was often genuinely funny couldn't find a place on the new CW. Then again, it's never been as funny since Barbara Jean lost all that weight and started looking a bit freakish.

Anyway, join me in a last hurrah by tuning in this Sunday at 7 pm ET to give her a final send-off. And then we'll wish Reba well as she focuses back on her music career.


ScottE. said...

Ahhhhhhh! You Read My Mind.

Stay tuned for Reba's new album in 2007. Duets. I read last night that Justin Timberlake has been woooing her to do a song on the duet album...among others. And she's recording an episode of CMT's Crossroads with Kelly Clarkson. If you haven't seen Crossroads before, it's really good. I LOVED the episode where they paired Dolly Parton with Melissa Etheridge...they sing each other's songs. Dolly ripped into Melissa's BRING ME SOME WATER...awesome. Can't wait for Reba to dig into SINCE U BEEN GONE!

Stef said...

I will be sad to see Reba go. It took me a while to hop onto the bandwagon, but she's been a Sunday night staple for me for the last few years. I agree that it's just not been as funny this year, and Barbara Jean looks freaky!

ScottE. said...

OMG~~~I cried. Well, am I surprised...no! So sad to see my shows go.