December 10, 2006

Pull up and have a cosmo!

We've been spending the afternoon with the girls of Sex and the City.

Truly, is there anything better? I think not. We're back watching season one. Boy, did the show get better over the years! Remember when Carrie used to break the 4th wall and talk directly to the camera? Ick.

Also I'm glad that Miranda gave up wearing those neckties and men's suits.

Best episode of season 1? Charlotte's fear over becoming a particular type of naughty girl.

It's bizarre, but so far we've seen no less than 3 actors that also were in the film The Broken Hearts Club. Here they're all straight, but in the movie all gay. Bizarre coincidence?


ScottE. said...

Ahhh, Charlotte! She doesn't want to be the __ ___ ____ Girl! HA! The back of the cab, talking about __ ___ ____.

A good lazy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it. I spent about 4 months last year rewatching the entire series via Netflix. It's still just so good. I need to buy that big old box set so I can spend a good lazy Sunday like that, too!