June 23, 2006

On the road again...

I'm on the road today, currently in Nashville. And what better place to write a blog post than in an airport?

The first thing I feel I must do is make up to you what I promised, and talk briefly about some fun things I've enjoyed over the past month.

I mentioned that we had watched the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I must tell you, people - it was riveting! Never before would I have guessed that the drama of 8th graders spelling words of Persian or Hawaiian origin would have me on the edge of my seat. But it did! A particularly exciting moment came when a young girl was eliminated because the spelling list the judges had was actually wrong, even though she spelled the word right. At the end of the round she was reinstated once it had been verified that she was, in fact, correct. Drama! It came down to a tomboyish blonde from New Jersey and a sweet girl from Canada. (Did you know all kids from countries where English is an official language are eligible?) The blonde (Kerry) ending up winning with an odd German word - just like in the musical. Such fun! I can't wait for next year. Plus it was hosted by my favorite morning news personality (and possible lesbian) Robin Roberts.

Recently ScottE and I had the opportunity to go see a dance show with Lord and Lady B. The group is called StepAfrika!, and they do various types of dance, but mostly step. For those unfamiliar, step is a modern descendant of the stomping and clapping styles of dance that African slaves used so long ago. It was brought into my life in college, where it is a popular form of competition and entertainment for traditional black fraternities and sororities around the country.

Quite simply, this show rocked.

It's really hard to describe, but the dancers had such JOY. Such reckless abandon. Even though the movement is very sharp and rhythmic, the performers still had this unbridled freedom. It was so great, and when they perform again in DC (I believe this November), I highly encourage you to see them if you can. I know I'll be trying to get tickets!

The show was performed in the recently renovated Tivoli Theater which is the new home to the Gala Hispanico Theatre group. It's really quite lovely, and if you can see it, I recommend it. (If you REALLY want to be impressed with a renovation, check out the Hippodrome in Baltimore.)

The final thing I wanted to post about was a book I recently devoured called Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. Yes, I know - something else about spelling bees. But it's really not much about that at all. It's a compelling novel about a family of four that each is trying to reach the same goal of personal transendence. But they travel to that point down very different (and sometimes shocking) pathways.

It's hard to say much about the book without giving away the plot, so I'll just say - READ THIS BOOK. It's fascinating and a quick read. I wasn't 100% thrilled with the ending, but it was really all about the journey.

Hopefully soon I'll get another post up in which I'll talk about another book I greatly enjoyed - this one could change your life.

Until next time, have a great week. Keep cool, and don't forget the sunblock!

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ScottE. said...

Step Afrika! was stunning...one of the best performances I've been to in ages. Truly wonderful. You're missing out on life if you don't go.

The Spelling Bee was fun. I got a little emotional at points and was really blown away by these brilliant kids. I did the spelling bee once when I was in 4th grade...lost during my first round. oops. Didn't have very good speling skilz.