June 01, 2006

At least he didn't forget the jicama

I would expect you will find a much more thorough recap and discussion of the Top Chef season finale on DC Food Blog's page, but in the meantime I'll offer some random thoughts about the finale and the wacko reunion show.

1. So speaking of that reunion - how drunk WERE those people? Ken was obnoxiously drunk, Dave was combative drunk, Tiffani was full of drunken confidence, etc. Here's a hint Bravo producers - how about just giving them each ONE drink before a reunion show. (Remember Vanessa being a mess on season 1 of Project Runway?)

2. Tiffani had the classic case of thinking that what she was saying in confessionals/interviews were somehow only going to be seen by...her? I guess? It mystifies me on many realtiy shows. If you say it to a camera, you must expect to be held accountable for it. Shut up, Tiffani.

3. I'm completely convinced that the producers stepped in and manipulated the final 2. Sure, Harold was a shoe-in either way. But unless there was some hard and fast rule about making a certain number of dishes, the fact that Dave produced several favorites in that final elimination challenge...he should have gone to the final 2, tears and all. I think the producers wanted drama, and that meant keeping Tiffani. (Although I suppose you could argue they'd have it anyway when she would come back for final 2 challenge, but whatever. I'm right. Accept it.)

4. I liked the nature of the final challenge, although having the sous-chefs pick who they wanted to work for was a bit contrived. Why not just make it random? Anywho, it was all rather telling. And I applaud the judges for choosing substance over style to determine Harold was the winner.

5. I thought it was pretty awesome that the favorite item from Tiffani's menu was completely made by Dave. I wanted to try it!

So will there be a season 2? My guess is yes - Bravo needs a little help, and when Runway isn't on, this could be it. But can we agree to ditch Robotica as a host? Heck, even ditch the other woman - she annoys me.

Next up for discussion - two summer blockbusters!

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Brunette said...

Tom Colicchio's blog on the Bravo website (yeah, I read his blog!) was pretty enlightening about how we wound up with a Harold/Tiffani finale. Dave really sunk himself by not preparing a third dish for the Cirque de Soleil gang.

And speaking of Dave... I've changed my mind - I don't even want to eat at his restaurant now. He needed a smack for every obnoxious eye-roll. He was especially egregious at the reunion. Dude: it was clear that in the case of Dave vs. Tiffani, *everyone* was on his side, and *no one* was on Tiffani's, yet he still felt compelled to roll his eyes and interrupt her (while excoriating her for not letting others finish their sentences). Only a complete twit could've inspired me to root hard for Tiffani, and Dave got me there.

"I'm not your bitch, bitch"? Please. How long had he been saving that one up? I hate that they indulged him by making a t-shirt.

All in all, it was a fairly joyless end to what had become a mostly joyless season. I'll hope for better next time.