June 30, 2006

Say yes

Recently I finished a wonderful book that I'd like to recommend to you all. This was one of those pleasant surprises that I just happened to come across.

I was browsing in Borders to pick up a book I thought ScottE would enjoy, and decided to get us a little "beach weekend travel pack" as we were on our way to the coast for the weekend. For myself I thought I'd pick up something fun and light-hearted. I found a few things which seemed too heavy, and then came across Yes Man. It sounded like silly fun from a British guy, which works for me.

The premise of this non-fiction book is simple. The author (Danny Wallace) purely by chance ended up on a bus due to a subway train that had been taken out of comission (Sound familiar, Washingtonians?) He happened to sit next to a man who offered a simple piece of advice to down-in-the-dumps Danny, "Say yes more."

This leads Danny on a quest to do just that. He vows that for the remainder of the year he will say yes...to everything. Along the way he agrees to comply with internet scams, applying for credit cards and a whole lot of nights at the pub.

But what's extraordinary is the chain of events that happen as one yes leads to another. Ultimately Danny is forever changed as he lets fate rule his life. He learns a lot about life, love and a positive attitude. And so will you!

It's a very easy and fast read, with plenty to keep you smiling. And I freely admit that the ending made me cry...a little. So why not check it out? You may be surprised what you start saying yes to!

On a side note, I just noticed that my previous post was my 100th. So - yay for me!


Stef said...

I have definitely noticed that, particularly at work, the people I know who are grumpiest tend to be the ones who say "No" the most. Interesting theory!

ScottE. said...

Say yes
Life keeps happenin' every day
Say yes

When opportunity comes your way
You can't start wonderin' what to say
You'll never win if you never play
Say yes


There's lots of chaff, there's lots of wheat
You might get mugged as you walk the streets
But on the other hand you might reach
That handsome stranger you've longed to meet
Say yes...

Yes I'll look, yes I'll walk
Yes I'd love to do such and such
Yes I'll try, yes I'll dare
Ye-es I-I'll fly, ye-es I- I'll share

And yes I am, and yes I'll be
And yes I'll go...
Oh Yes...

Dancer in DC said...

Thank you, Liza (with a "Z").