July 29, 2008

The iPod shuffle challenge

OK, I'm game. ScottE sent me this little challenge from pricklygirl. I'm sure it will be embarrassing, but here we go!

If you are in shuffle mode, what are the first twenty songs that come up on your iPod? And no skipping past the embarrassing stuff. I usually run mine in shuffle mode on some general song list (i.e. show tunes, not show tunes, pop/rock/soul, 80's). But this is the whole enchilada! Ready?

1. "Being Alive" - original Broadway cast of Company

We've greatly enjoyed the soundtrack with the 2006/2007 Broadway cast starring Raul Esparza. But I wanted more, so I got the original cast as well. This is the show closer, and it's a doozy!

2. "Dangerous Game" - Gloria Estefan

I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but I've been a big Gloria fan for ages. This is off her most recent album, and it's got a mellow sound I enjoy.

3. "Icicle" - Tori Amos

Tori is brilliant on the piano, and this is one of her best off my favorite album - Under The Pink.

4. "Blue Wind" - original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening

If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out. This soulful song is what made me fall in love with Lauren Pritchard.

5. "Little Perennials" - Indigo Girls

My favorite band ever, this is the first single off their latest album. And it's catchy.

6. "The Same Love That Made Me Laugh" - Queen Latifah

She was a rapper first, but it's become accepted that Queen is also a smooth jazz singer. I've enjoyed her last couple albums that showcase this talent.

7. "Rhode Island Is Famous For You" - Blossom Dearie

Don't recognize the singer? You might know her better from her work on Schoolhouse Rock! - remember "Figure 8"? Or "Unpack Your Adjectives"? That childlike voice of wonder is hers, and this cute song makes me smile.

8. "The Ballad of Czolgosz" - 2004 Broadway cast of Assassins

At this point if you're shocked I have so many show tunes, you don't know me very well. Loved the show (saw it at Studio 54), especially Neil Patrick Harris, who sings this one. And he says "Michigan" in a song, so I've got hometown love.

9. "Locklat Africa" - Zap Mama

Zap Mama is a unique Belgian group of women who fuse European and African styles. I bought this album (Sabsylma) for the choreographic possibilities, but still listen to it for fun as well.

10. "The Dock of the Bay" - Otis Redding

The classic summer song of chillaxin'.

11. "Shattered Dreams" - Johnny Hates Jazz

Ah, the carefree and bizarre 80's. It was such a simple and...odd time. This particular song was great while driving with friends at night.

12. "You Can't Hurry Love" - The Supremes

Classic Motown never goes out of style. And no I do NOT have the Phil Collins cover on my iPod!

13. "Lorrell Loves Jimmy" - movie soundtrack for Dreamgirls

I love this movie musical even more than Lorrell loves Jimmy. Also, Anika Noni Rose is totally my BFF, in case you hadn't heard. (In my head, that is.)

14. "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" - Kathy Mattea

Somber bluegrass-tinged folk music isn't my usual thing, but I heard Kathy perform songs from her new album (Coal) live, and it was entrancing. It's sad, but it's beautiful.

15. "I Feel The Earth Move" - Carole King

Carole King is an amazing songwriter. My first memory of this song was some random singer (maybe Helen Reddy?) performing it on The Muppet Show. Actually I have far too many memories of classic songs being sung on that show...

16. "Midnight Radio" - movie soundtrack for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hard to explain the plot of this movie musical, but let's just say it involves hard rock and a botched sex change operation. Anywho, this is my favorite song. Lift up your hands.

17. "Hey Genius" - Rebekah

I first heard for Rebekah when I got a sampler cassette at my first Lilith Fair. I bought the album, and this song is my favorite - strong singing/songwriting.

18. "Liza with a 'Z'" - Liza Minelli

This makes me really super-duper gay, I know. But it's an adorable song, regardless.

19. "Members Only" - Los Angeles cast of Naked Boys Singing!

No comment.

20. "Turn! Turn! Turn!" - The Byrds

For everything a season and a reason. What an appropriate way to end my list.

All right, I've laid my iPod bare - how about you?


ScottE. said...

Some good songs and I think a fair representation of your music and personality. I feel like somethings missing...but I don't know.


1. Stones in the Road-Mary Chapin Carpenter (Party Doll & Other Favorites) Great album, fun and mellow. Some good sing along songs.
2. Because of You-Reba McEntire w/Kelly Clarkson (Reba Duets) Country-fied version of Ms. Clarkson’s hit.
3. Will I?-(RENT Original Broadway Cast Recording) Short song from a great show, makes me a little sad.
4. Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen (Chimes of Freedom) ‘Nuff said.
5. Hagda Wala Akter-Souad Massi (Mesk Elil) Algerian born, French living folk singer. Beautiful voice. Don’t understand a word of the lyrics, but the phrasing and way she sings is chilling.
6. Bad Day-Daniel Powter. M’eh. Whatever.
7. Sugar Daddy (Hedwig and The Angry Inch Soundtrack Recording) Wonderfully quirky musical about a transsexual who had a botched sex change operation.
8. This Life-Brent Laurence (Afterdark: Milan) Dance, lounge music
9. Ces Soirees-la (JERSEY BOYS Original Cast Recording) Opening number of musical-French version of OH WHAT A NIGHT
10. You and Me (BOY FROM OZ Original Cast Recording) Musical about performer, lyricists Peter Allen, performed by Hugh Jackman, yes, Wolverine! Not a great song, not a great musical, but some good numbers otherwise.
11. Flashdance-Irene Cara (Pure Disco 2) What a feeling!
12. Rock Me Baby-Tina Turner (What’s Love Got To Do With It) Deep sexy groove from the Queen of Rock and Roll
13. Summertime-Sarah Vaughan. One of the great ladies of the American Songbook. Listening to Ms. Vaughan makes me want to cry…and that’s a good thing!
14. Beethoven’s Op. 18. Classical musical can fit just about any occasion.
15. Cryin’-Aerosmith (Get a Grip) I love this band. They rock. Raunchy lyrics-not necessarily this song. The poor man’s Stones
16. Somebody Told Me-The Killers (Hot Fuss) I really like their second album. This one, not as much.
17. Let’s Begin-Ella Fitzgerald. Ella is one of the people I’d love to have for dinner. You know that eternal question, which 3 people, living or dead would you want to have for dinner. Ella, Janis Joplin and Patsy Cline
18. Holy Water-The Gossip (Standing in the Way of Control) I love this album. This is the one song I don’t totally love. The Gossip. Heavy punk influence.
19. Helpless-k.d. lang (Hymns of the 49th Parallel) This is a cover. I believe Neil Young had the original version. k.d. does a great job with it with a voice full of soul & ache.
20. Walk Away-Kelly Clarkson (Breakaway) America’s first American Idol. Not a fan of the show, but enjoy select Kelly songs.

Dancer in DC said...

Well what's missing is Rosemary Clooney. She's all up in my grill.

The Kara said...

Alright, you've seen my songs at another venue and it's official - you ARE more musically gay than me... and that says a lot!

joyous said...

I really want to do this to see what comes up in mine, and since I don't have a blog, I'm putting it here.

1. I have forgiven Jesus - Morrissey (Greatest hits) Um, wow, not my favorite, but it's okay.
2. Lost! - Coldplay (Viva la Vida) They also have a song called Lost? Lost! is better.
3.Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys (Pop/Art) When the dogs bark, it startles me.
4. Bad Brain - The Ramones (Road to Ruin) They rock
5. Side by Side/What would we do without you - Company - I played Joann in college.
6. Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode (Some Great Reward) What is it with the religious songs???
7. Wow - Kylie Minogue (X) Only song from this album I have. It's okay.
8. Love Todau - Mika (Life in Cartoon Motion) Great for driving
9. Slide Over Backwards - Donna Summer (Crayons) Not my favorite.
10. Skidmarks on my heart - The Go-Go's (Beaty and the Beat) Lynn's favorite song! Seeing Belinda Carlisle in August.
11. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wildhorses - U2 (Achtung Baby) I've always loved the title of this album
12. Kiss Me - Stephen Duffy (They Called Him Tintin) Took me FOREVER to find this song. Fluffy 80's.
13. Land of a Thousand Words - Scissor Sisters (Ta dah!) Love this song and the fun James Bond-esque video.
14. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake (Future whatever) Makes me dance everytime. B hates this song.
15. Heart - Pet Shop Boys (Pop/Art) Fun 80s.
16. People are People - Depeche Mode (Singles 81-85) They are recording a new album as we speak.
17. Stop - Erasure (Hits!) I was wondering when some Erasure would turn up.
18. Over and Over - Morcheeba (Parts of the Process) This band is so sexy. When Skye left they got less sexy. This song isn't one of their sexy.
19. Psychological - Pet Shop Boys (Fundamental) I like the PSB, but I'm surprised how often they are coming up.
20. This is not a love song - David Guetta (Poplife) Finally some dance music!

That was interesting. And surprising.

bobmungovan said...

I cheated by skipping tracks from the same artist, explanation below.

1. Swamp Music – Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Grapefruit/Juicy Fruit – Jimmy Buffett
3. I Won’t Forget You, baby – Poison
4. Lessons Learned – Carrie Underwood (I don’t really know this individual song, it’s off the album)
5. The Seeker (Live) – Rush (covering The Who)
6. Here I Am – Air Supply (It’s off of an 80’s compilation, what do you want me to say)
7. Hot Cha – They Might Be Giants
8. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss – P.M. Dawn
9. Trash Day – “Weird” Al Yankovic
10. Parents Just Don’t Understand – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
11. Careless or Dead (Bon Jovi vs. George Michael; mash up) – The Kleptone
12. Jump Around – House of Pain
13. Alcohol – Brad Paisley
14. Check Yes or No – George Strait
15. Hung Up on Soul (Death Cab for Cutie vs. Madonna; mash up) – Party Ben
16. Bud Light Real Men of Genius: Mr. T-shirt Launcher Inventor – Commercial (Yeah, I keep some commercials on my player. I love Bud Light RMOG commercials, even if I don’t particularly care for the beer.  )
17. Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc
18. Courtesy of the Red White and Blue – Toby Keith
19. Short Skirt, London Bridge (Fergie vs. Cake) – Max Entropy
20. On The Border – The Eagles (Yawn, usually skipped, on there because I have the whole 2-disc collection album on there.)

The reason I skipped duplicates from the same artist is that otherwise we’d have 2-3 tracks from Skynyrd, Rush, Buffet, WAY and the Eagles, and then 5-6 from others. I don’t really have all that much music (~3GB) and it’s dominated by a few artists.

Regarding the mash ups: I love them, even if I don’t necessarily know the individual music pieces. I started by grabbing track that were usually a pair of older songs mashed together (Careless or dead is a great example) then I took the whole Best of Bootie “albums” from 2006 and 2007. The mash ups are basically the only way I get exposed to “new” music anymore. Besides, it gives me a way to connect to my 15-year-old by breaking out a mash up of Soulja Boy vs. The Go-Go’s  Also, the artist listed for these tracks are the credited DJ.

Peter Hopkins said...

1. Little Damn Dragonfly - Paul McCartney & Wings
2. Baba O'Riley [Live 23 August 2002] - The Who
3. Worried Blues - Bob Dylan
4. Turn on Your Love Light [Live 4 August 1971] - Grateful Dead
5. Tell the Truth [Jam #2] - Derek and the Dominos
6. You Better You Bet [Live 25 September 2006] - The Who
7. I Need Two Heads - The Go-Betweens
8. Papa Come Quick (Jody and Chico) - Bonnie Raitt
9. Dig [Live 1989] - The Who
10. Doin' Alright - Queen
11. Tea & Theatre [Live 5 June 2007] - The Who
12. Tightrope - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
13. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere [Live 23 June 2007] - The Who
14. A Man in a Purple Dress [26 May 2007] - The Who
15. They Made My Dream Come True [Live 25 May 2007] - The Who
16. Lazarus Raised - Peter Gabriel
17. How Much More - Go-Go's
18. The Quiet One - The Who
19. Hell is for Children [Live] - Pat Benatar
20. Fragments [Live 8 December 2006] - The Who

Anonymous said...

1)My Heart Will Go On -Celine Dion
2)Tie Me Down -New Boyz
3)Right Now(NaNaNa) -Akon
4)Cry -Jay Sean
5)Dreaming of You -Selena
6)Suga Suga -Baby Bash
7)Day N' Nite -Kid Cudi
8)Tonight -Jay Sean
9)Every Rose Has It's Thorn -Poison
10)Cleanin' Out My Closet -Emiem
11)Young Forever -Jay z ft Mr. Hudson
12)Mrs. Officer -Lil Wayne
13)Hey Lil Mama -NB Ridaz
14)Can't Believe It -T-Pain
15)Got Money -Lil Wayne
16)Pledging My Love -Johnny Ace
17)Locked Up -Akon
18)Truly Madly Deeply -Savage Garden
19)All The Things She Said -tatu
20)You Are Not Alone -Michael Jackson