July 28, 2008

A Dark Night with The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Believe the hype - it really is that good. No, really. This is not some frothy superhero movie that's all action and no substance (I'm looking at you, Daredevil). This film transcends the genre to become a substantial drama and thriller.

Emphasis on the thriller aspect, by the way. I was downright SCARED several times! Not like horror-movie scared, but in the nervy-suspense sense - like in The Silence of the Lambs.

And the reason for that is three-fold:

1. A killer script by Jonathan & Christopher Nolan is full of twists, turns and seemingly impossible schemes. Guaranteed to keep you guessing!

2. The direction by Nolan (the latter one) is also very strong, keeping a frantic pace, but still throwing in solid substance to make you care about the characters and what happens next. My only quibble with the movie is that I think it was a tad long, but I admit I don't know what to cut out.

3. But the real reason to see the movie, actually the whole POINT of the movie is the unsettling performance by Heath Ledger as The Joker. He's creepy, perverse, frightening and just a bit funny. Do I believe a posthumous Oscar is appropriate? Um...kinda. I certainly haven't seen an acting performance this year to surpass Ledger's.

Now, all that being said, let me put it out there - the film is disturbing. The Joker's madness is not purely sadistic - he's also an anarchist. And that's a potent and downright scary combination. That sense of "It could happen to anyone at anytime" is pervasive and gets inside your head! Let's just say I didn't get much sleep last night. And what happens to Aaron Eckhart's character (Harvey Dent) is not for the faint of stomach. But for us former comic book geeks, it was really frakkin' cool!

So, other than my obvious A grade for the movie, I'll advise you to see it and see it soon, but perhaps go to a matinee, and take your teddy bear with you!

Oh, and you can debate with your friends - which is more annoying - Christian Bale's weird gravelly voice as Batman, or Pierce Brosnan's singing?


ScottE. said...

It feels odd saying this about a superhero film, but this one was really amazing. Heath Ledger does give a performance of the year, if not several years! I'm amazed at what he did. There were times I was teetering on the fence between tears of fear from the Joker and tears of sadness that this ultimate performance was Heath's last fully realized role. Rest in peace you crazy ass mutha-frakker, you deserve each ounce of praise you are receiving. Your daughter will be proud of you when she's old enough to understand.

DC Food Blog said...

Is that even open to debate? Pierce Brosnan by a million miles.

Kelly Marsh said...

Saw this last week and it is AMAZING! Can you believe there were these 2 bitches in there laughing like it was funny?! I was so pissed! Yes, he was laughing but it was meant more like a "holy shit that's freaky!" laugh not a "ha! ha! how funny!" laugh. Loved it!