July 16, 2008

Catching up with The Mole

All right folks, let's cut to the chase about this week's episode of The Mole. No need for a recap. OK, if you insist:

- Nicole continues to act like a princess and play dumb.
- Paul continues to be evil to just about everyone.
- Alex continued to fade into the background.
- Mark continues to be paranoid.
- Kristen was executed last week, which shot my theory about the winner all to heck.

Got it? Now for my predictions, of which I'm feeling quite solid.

Least likely - Mark

Nicole and Paul continue to bicker like idiots, but no one is working harder lately to get the money in the pot like Mark. His running on that treadmill was most un-Mole like behavior. Plus no one has been this paranoid since Corbin Bernsen.

Most likely - Craig

I'm now firmly convinced that Craig is the Mole. First of all you'll notice that although Nicole was terrible at this week's brainteasers and made a big show of it, Craig wasn't really much help, either. But what really tipped me off was a potential clue they threw in for the viewers. As the execution scene began, the camera pointedly froze on a barrel with "N20" stamped on it. What was Craig's guess in the bungee challenge? $20 thousand. And as has been pointed out on the TWOP forums, what did Craig say his birthday was? November 20th. Booyah!

The winner?
- Clay

At this point I think it's time to stop with a second-choice Mole candidate and talk about the winner. I'm pretty sure that we now have at least one contestant that knows Craig is the Mole, possibly more. And I think he/she/they may be covering up for him. Nicole and Paul's mutual incompetence could be evidence of that. But I think it's Clay's apparent cluelessness coupled with his ability to contribute to the team just a little bit which makes me think he's on the trail and poised for a win.

You heard it here first, people!

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