August 07, 2006

A pleasant weekend

Y'know, when life has you down, a weekend of things that make you happy really does the trick.
I'm pleased to say that this was just one of those weekends.
We started off with a nice visit, where ScottE made his delicious steak soft
tacos with homemade roasted tomato salsa. While dining on that we enjoyed such
delights as Margaret Cho's"I'm the One That I Want on video, and
Dirty Jobs as a part of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Let me pause to extoll the virtues of DJ's host, Mike Rowe. Vaguely recognize
him? You may have also seen him doing the Epic Pharmacy commercials, or back
when they had that odd show called Worst Case Scenarios, based on the popular
book series.

Mike? Is hott. He's hot in the
middle-aged-been-around-the-block-but-still-in-shape kind of hot. And why was
Shark Week a good time to see him? Because it involves swimming, which involves
Mike in a swimsuit. ROWR! It appears he may be a confirmed bachelor, but if
anyone has further information - call me!

Saturday was a good day for vegetating, but also to do a little shopping. While
we were out, I picked up a movie we loved in the theater - The 40 Year Old
with Steve Carrell. It was just as funny the second time! The DVD has
some nice extras on it, including extended sequences that had to have been
improvised bits. And as mentioned before by me (I think on this blog) - Paul
Rudd? Also hott.

Sunday morning brought us to the lovely home of DC Food Blog, where we dined on
a delightful spread including divine blueberry mini-muffins, and the most
interesting little spinach balls. Yum! You will be shocked to hear that
scanning their bookshelves and video collection, we share many, many of the same
tastes. The parallel universe phenomenon persists!

After a pleasant mid-day chat with Sterfanie, it was off to dine at our favorite
"this is going to make me regret it, but it's so worth it" place -
Ben's Chili Bowl. We dined on their supremely fantastic chili dogs and cheese
fries. It does NOT get better than Ben's!

From there it was on to Studio Theatre, where we got to see Dog Sees
God. It's an interesting play that was recently mounted off-Broadway,
that takes the characters from The Peanuts and moves them into the present, with
teenage angst and crushes. All the kids are shadows of their former selves -
Pigpen is now a blowhard jock with an obsession for Purell who insists on being
called "Matt." Schroeder is now a meek and damaged outcast called
Beethoven. And Lucy, well...Lucy likes taking lithium. But our main character
of course is Charlie Brown (now just "CB") who still struggles to make
friends and find his place in society. [And on a side note, the actor playing
him? Hott!] I pretty much enjoyed the show - my main issues were with the
script and a few blocking problems. But I do recommend it!

To wrap up this fine weekend, I sat down to another of my purchases - a movie
from the A&E collection of Miss Marple films starring Joan Hickson. Although
the recent versions on PBS have been fun, the Hickson ones are really the cream
of the crop. I started with They Do It With Mirrors - hoping the movie might be
a bit stronger than the novel (which wasn't one of Agatha Christie's best, in my
opinion). Although lovely to see, the movie didn't quite rise above. I'll
probably go next with one I know is great - like Nemesis.


ScottE. said...

It was a lovely weekend.

Here are the Sirloin Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa.

Saturday was all vegging and some dinner and some shopping!

Sunday was a blast. So relaxed, of course I couldn't get up this morning for the life of me!

ScottE. said...

Oh yeah and Mike Row (mic-ro! Ha!) Back OFF!!!

Dancer in DC said...

I'm sorry the font on this post is such a mess - I have no idea why it's so messed up. I think I cut & pasted it from the wrong place.

Next time I'll get it right!

Stef said...

I'm glad this was a relaxing weekend for you - it was great to catch up! And you're right, the actor playing CB was a total cutie. :-)

I hope this week goes better!

Lady Brandenburg said...

I love that show Dirty Jobs!

(J-Lo, are we not due for a PR update....? Hmmmm....? Because my coffee-filter-dress-making boyfriend finally got the props he deserves!)