July 14, 2006

In other news...

This from Tim Gunn's own blog about Project Runway:

Michael surprised even me by his exclusive use of coffee filters. It was a “Wow!” Muslin was available to all of the designers for the purpose of prototyping and, if necessary, infrastructure. In Michael’s case, muslin was essential for the latter. His dress was sublime and I was surprised that he didn’t stay on the runway as one of the top three.

The fact that he agrees with me means:

1. I was right.

2. I continue to love him above all others forever.

Thanks, Silver Fox!


joyous said...

I agree with you. I thought Michael's was the best. It was creative and sublimely executed. My annoying roommate and I had a fight about it. He thought is was dumb. He's also a straight boy from Belgium, so what does he know? Was the dress made of chocolate? Then shut up!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Yes - I had mentioned Tim's blog in the post below - read the whole thing - he basically says everything I/we have been saying - Tim, we lurve you!