July 06, 2006

I cry bulls***!

This morning the Emmy nominations were announced.

Apparently there are some new nomination regulations, which confuse me, but are designed to "spread the wealth" a little bit and give shows on smaller networks a fighting chance. Or something.

Now don't get me wrong - there were some welcome and great suprises. I can't wait to watch Chandra Wilson of Grey's Anatomy (LOVE) face off against Sandra Oh. Win-win! And newcomer Jaime Pressley so deserved her nomination for My Name is Earl. Also the reality competition category is great with The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway all scoring nominations.

But here's the horrible part.

Not a SINGLE major nomination for Lost. Not for series, not for actor, not for actress, and no supporting people either.


For a show like Desperate Housewives which seriously dipped in quality this season, I understand. But Lost maintained its level of excitement, complexity and fine performances.

If this is what the new nomination system means, I say we go back to the old way! (Any system that gives William Shatner a nomination but stiffs Terry O'Quinn is SERIOUSLY flawed.)

What an ironic tagline:


Stef said...

I'm so with you! And I posted my outrage yesterday.... the only acting nomination for LOST is for Desmond as a Guest Actor. How could they ignore Henry Gale? Or Naveen Andrews, with his reaction after Ana Lucia "encountered" Shannon? Or Terry O'Quinn just for breathing????

Two and a Half Men sucks. And I'm over all these fond farewell nominations for the West Wing and Will & Grace. Enough already.

DC Food Blog said...

Right there with ya'll. The only ray of sunshine in this mess is Chandra Wilson's nomination. But seriously TWO AND AN EFFING HALF MEN?

Rebecca said...

I'm taking any mention of the Race as a cue to say that Neal and I ran into Tyler (of BJ & fame) in San Francisco! On Saturday! He was wearing those same orange-ish pants he always wore on the Race and was very gracious when accosted by us.

Dancer in DC said...

Well that's cool. Did he mention anything about their gay love affair with Eric and Jeremy? :)