December 12, 2005

Commercial rant

OK, so I know that this is a bevy of posts in one day. But I had a lot to catch up on, and the SNU was needling me to get with the program. After all, how will I ever have a blog quoted in the Washington Post Express like Sterfanie, if I don't make loads of wry commentary?

And so I return to my favorite thing to rant about...bad commercials.

My latest is without question the one for a cell phone - can't remember if it's Cingular or Sprint. Anyway, in it there's this dumb blond chick who extolls the virtue of her cell phone offering her the chance to delete a phone number from her phone list. Now seriously - have you EVER had a cell phone that didn't do that? This bitch is all, "I don't even know who he is any more. David who?" Seriously, I hate this girl. And it just furthers the stereotype of women who get completely wrapped up in men to the point that they forget themselves. Also, she has bad fashion sense.

I also hate that Fox has already started commercials for American Idol. And I hate that those commercials will not change and will be on TV every 15 minutes for the next month.

And while I'm at it (boy, I'm really on a roll here) have you seen that annoying Toys R Us (I refuse to write the "R" backwards) commercial where the guy is shaking boxes and keeps saying, "FURBY! FURBY!" He is a complete idiot, and should be taken to prison and put in a padded cell.

I'm sure I'll think of more, just give me time. It was a slow week for TV.


Stef said...

Oops - I kinda like that cell phone commercial! ;-)

Although my most-hated offender has now come out with a new one, and it's a MUSICAL. Yep, that would be Have you seen it? The freakin' O Lady sings a theme song and it's all in all-white holiday cheer. Infuriating!!!

ScottE. said...

I don't think I've seen the ToyRUs commercial or Overstock....

The commercial I hate more than anything and I wish dismemberment on everyone who is in the commercial....that or a bad case of crabs....the 1800MATTRESS, Mattress warehouse commercial with the skank whores who are hug-dancin-singing the theme song for the number....I want to shoot each one of them!!!!