December 14, 2005

The best strange award show of the year

As mentioned here by Sterfanie, the Golden Globe noms are out for this year.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Globes. On the one hand, they are awards given out by an obscure group (the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - HFPA), they divide their categories up in odd ways (like every supporting performance on TV is pitted against each other), and the awards often go to some real head-scratchers. But on the flip side, it's a real fun party, and when stars get drunk it can be a hilarious display. It's worth it just to watch Sharon Stone embarass herself.

And the nominees are...

No big surprises on the nominations, although I don't recall hearing previously that Woody Allen's film was a big deal. But I think this is a case where the HFPA loves him no matter what he does. Even if it involves sleeping with his underage...ick.

Conventional wisdom is that the main actress awards will go to Felicity Huffman and Reese Witherspoon. I think for the men it's more of a toss-up. I can see a showdown between Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for drama. Best dramatic film will most likely go to Brokeback Mountain.

What's really laughable is that Walk the Line is in the "Musical or Comedy" categories. Are you kidding me? Yes, the film has music. But I wouldn't call it a musical, and it's so not a comedy. No matter, if it means that this film walks away with a bunch of awards, then that's fine with me.

On the TV front, it's good to see Eva Longoria finally getting a little recognition. I'd say she's easily the funniest woman on Desperate Housewives this season, although you know I love me some Marcia Cross. Just not Teri Hatcher again, please.

All 3 of my main dramas get nominations - Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Commander In Chief. Here's hoping the islanders walk away with this one.

The one disappointment for me was the supporting category, which is always a crapshoot when you lump together series, miniseries and TV movie actors. For the women, I'm all about Sandra Oh getting a nom, because she is pretty fabulous. But how can you deny that Chandra Wilson is the best actor on that show? If you didn't see her performing surgery while being very pregnant last week, you have not lived.

For the men, let's hope Naveen Andrews finally gets some kudos for Lost. I know that will make a certain woman in Wisconsin very happy.


Em said...

I think it's hilarious that Naveen Andrews is in the same category as Paul Newman. So weird.

I agree about Teri Hatcher - not again, thank you! I'm rooting for Felicity, personally, although I was happy to see Eva get some props this year.

I discovered Gray's Anatomy recently and have been impressed by it. It's on it's way to becoming a must-see show each week in my house.

ScottE. said...

EM: I reclaimed my proper seat on the couch after being banished to a different seat for about two months...I was soo comfortable, I had a mid-week, four hour marathon of Greys''s awesome. Do love it.

I hope Brokeback does well. But having not seen it, I can't really say that.

DC Food Blog said...

Barbara Hershey lives in Wisconsin?

Dancer in DC said...

No, but her main rival for Naveen's affections does. :)

DC Food Blog said...

I was getting fits of giggles picturing Barbara Hershey living in Wisconsin. I can see her and Naveen in red flannel, wearing big puffy jackets and hats with earflaps.

Stef said...

Ooooh, I missed this post, sorry I'm late! (Embarrassing, what with the shout-out and all.)

I, too, am glad for little Eva. I've never understood why Teri Pratfall Hatcher got all the recognition. Eva is hilarious, and I love this plotline with the bad nun. Of course, I do love Felicity in all that she does, so I just have to put that out there.

I almost called you during the surgery scene when Bailey gives her baby a talking-to. Priceless!!! That really is fast becoming my absolutely favorite show on television. The characters are so richly drawn, the emotions run deep, and the humor is both bawdy and intelligent. And how about the pair of hottest attendings ever, McDreamy and Burke? I would love to see Sandra Oh win, though, cuz she had a rough year.