January 30, 2007

Women rule!


Or at least they do in Pedro Almodovar films, and this one is no exception. It is a movie full of strong characters facing unusual circumstances with grace. The visuals are most appealing, particularly the vibrant colors, and the incredible depictions of food. But the strength of Volver is the storytelling, which is delivered with laughter and tears. And the crown jewel is Penelope Cruz, who earns every bit of her Oscar nomination as a mother that will do anything to keep her family together. See this movie! You won't be disappointed.


ScottE. said...

Such a wonderful movie! Really really wonderful. The characters make you laugh and cry and care. Sweet sweet movie. And good storytelling.

Look for the small natural moments with the actors just doing what anyone would do. The Mint!

And Ms. Booby-liscious is great!

BradW said...

I finally saw this movie this past weekend. I was surprised by how much I liked it. What a great story. Penelope Cruz was surprisingly good! I usually do not like her in movies at all. She seems much more comfortable and natural in her native tongue.

Also, it made me smile every time they greeted each other with those multiple "hello" kisses.