January 21, 2007

Music is joy

You know, sometimes it takes unusual circumstances to remind you why music is the food of love.

I won't tell you the long sordid story, but will tell you that I received an early birthday/congratulatory gift from my wonderful ScottE. He knew that I'd been thinking about shopping for a new iPod for awhile now (I have the original version of the iPod Mini, and its battery life is barely lasting 45 minutes between charges). So when he saw a good deal, he made me the proud owner of a Video iPod. And it is awesome.

But what really made the deal sweet was I decided to switch my music to my current laptop. I'd kept it on my old one for awhile, but eventually the CD drive went kaput. So for I don't know how long (a year?) I wasn't able to add any new music to my iPod unless I bought it from the iTunes store. It was horrible!

So in my recent musical extravaganza, I've been able to finally burn many recent purchases onto the new iPod. It's like rediscovering songs for the first time! I'd forgotten how awesome the collaboration between the Indigo Girls and Pink on "Rock & Roll Heaven's Gate" was. Or that Alicia Keys' live duet of "Wild Horses" with Adam Levine makes me smile.

Buying a new album is definitely a great thing. But I admit I've become like a channel surfer with music - I want to sample the best bits one after another, courtesy of the shuffle feature on my iPod. Is that so wrong?


Stef said...

Fun! My little Nano is already full, so I keep having to make decisions about what music to keep on and what to take off. But you're right, it's great hearing an old favorite again almost like it's the first time. Congrats and enjoy yor new toy!

ScottE. said...

Someone must think you're special.

I need to revisit my old favorites, I feel like I've run out of music to listen to. Either that or my tastes have just narrowed so much that my old faves don't make me happy anymore.

Jemitra Hairston said...


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