January 18, 2006

GG wrap-up

Last night was the Golden Globe awards, as I told you was coming in this earlier post. It was a fun evening, and here's my round-up of the night's events.

First I should point out that the Globes is the best awards show to watch. Not only do you get TV and movie stars together, but they're totally drunk. Fun abounds!

There were a lot of expected wins, including Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon and S. Epatha Merkerson. But a few fun surprises came out of the night. I was tickled to see Sandra Oh win, and her sister was very pregnant and quite possibly her twin. Another thumbs up to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who won deservedly, setting up a three-way Oscar race with Joaquin and Heath Ledger. And of course I'm happy anytime Lost wins something! It was also nice to see so much acclaim for Brokeback Mountain. My fingers are crossed for a Best Picture win at the Oscars! Felicity Huffman won for Transamerica, which was well-deserved and expected. My hope is she'll edge out Reese come Oscar time.

Disappointments? My only one came with Desperate Housewives - it has not been having a good season, so I can only assume that the foreign press are celebrating season 1. (Seriously, the episode was so dull this past week, I might cancel my TiVo season pass. I'm only holding out for next week's catfight between Gaby and the naughty nun.)

Best moment of the night, bar none, was the winning speech from Geena Davis (Best Actress for Television - Drama). First she had me misty talking about a child who told her she dreamed of being President thanks to Geena. Then Geena tells us she made that up. I began to cry...with laughter! And she just kept bringing the funny. Kudos to Ms. Davis for reminding us all that she's not only a good actress, she's damn hilarious as well. You can get a similar perspective from the Chicago Tribune.

Fashion review!!!

Fortunately this year there were mostly hits and very few misses. If I had to pick my top 3 for women, I'd go with:
  • Eva Longoria in a divine red form-fitting dress by Bob Mackie
  • Ziyi Zhang pulling off a very difficult color that was yellow-green, but kept her looking young and fresh
  • Nicolette Sheridan in cool midnight blue
Worst-dressed would be far easier. There were so few, but every time they came on the screen, I winced:
  • Charlize Theron in a dress that made her look naked underneath, and wasn't that hot on the outside
  • Reese Witherspoon, who apparently thought a gladiator breastplate would be a good thing to wear when accepting a major award
  • Rachel Weiss, who had a horrid dress, bad make-up, and looked as if someone had hit her in the face with a shovel (seriously, was she wearing fake "redneck" teeth or something?)
For the men, it's the usual display where they all end up looking alike. But a few were distinguished, including George Clooney (classic), Terrence Howard (hott!) and Eric Bana (drool).

It was a great night, and if you missed it, I'm sorry. Here's hoping someone spikes the water at the Oscars! But for another fun look, check out Entertainment Weekly's top 10 moments from the Globes.


ScottE. said...

There were many pretty people. I can't remember any one particular gown that I thought blew the rest out of the water...they were all very good. And I'm really sad that our cutie patootie Reese won wearing the body armor....I feel that if anyone is nominated and there is a chance in hell they might win, they must be pre-screened by a forum of people who will determine their suitability for going in public. Obviously her husband didn't take a close enough look...same goes for Mathew Fox's wife....what was that choker thing....!

I'm very happy for everyone who won. There were only a few winners who I didn't care about/for.

Everytime I heard the music playing for Brokeback Mountain, I got a little choked up....I really like it the music and was very very happy that the movie won four awards!!! I do hope that Heath beats out Mr. Phoenix at the Oscars. But Mr. Hoffman might have something to say about that.

Stef said...

Sorry I'm late on catching up!

I thought Geena Davis was hilarious, as were Hugh Laurie and Steve Carell. I loved that Clooney (the new Cary Grant?) made a Jack Abramoff joke!

I loved the red dresses, and I thought Felicity Huffman and that woman from Lost in the turquoise dress looked beautiful. My vote for worst dress? No question, Drew Barrymore. Did she not think about what that would look like under the lights? But I do miss the days of Lara Flynn Boyle... a few years back, when people made mistakes, they made BIG ONES. :-)

But I'm surprised you didn't mention that absolute CRAZIEST part of the evening: Isaac Mizrahi!!! He asked people if they were wearing underwear, he asked Eva L. about her, um, grooming habits, and he felt up Scarlett J! He was insane, and poor Ryan Seacrest seemed to be having a hard time reeling him in.

Dancer in DC said...

Oh my god, thank you for reminding us all of the horror that was Isaac's interviewing. It was pretty shocking considering his TV show is pretty great. But he was treating those on the red carpet like they were all his best friends. So inappropriate. (But I'd still pick him over Star Jones any day.)

Lady Brandenburg said...

I finally watched the Tivo'd awards this past weekend. Oh Drew, you silly silly girl - but then she did that bit on SNL - so funny!! I'm glad she can laugh at herself!

I thought Geena Davis' speech was great, but I thought she looked like a drag queen. A very pretty one.

Didn't like C. Theron's dress at all, and yet the E! wrap up Fashion Police folks loved it. They love the phrase "fashion forward." Bleh.

I did like the bare necks with cool earrings - a lot of women opted for that look - no showy necklace, but then some kick-ass earrings.

I was not offended by my Reese, but she has certainly looked much better.

Loved Hugh Laurie's and the guy from the Office's speeches. I know they're sort of canned, but I like the comic relief.

A lot of women also wore their hair down or down and swept to the side. I liked that breaking up a lot of up-dos.

I thought Johnny Depp looked like a clown. Too bad. Loved the guy from Crash - Terrence Howard?

ScottE. said...

Drew doing that bit on SNL was a hoot...major props to her for doing that.

Charlize T looked like she had a bat stuck to her tit. ick.

The Office guy...i'm drawing a blank right now...is a cutie...and Terrance Howard is very hot now...! And very well deserved hotness. Great Actor.

Dancer in DC said...

"The Office" guy is Steve Carrell. Adorable!